The Cricket Legend Meet Donald Bradman, a cricket icon who redefined the sport with his unmatched skill and records.

Born in Australia in 1908, Bradman's passion for cricket started young, playing with a makeshift bat and ball in his backyard.

Bradman's meteoric rise in the 1920s caught attention. His debut century in 1928 marked the beginning of a legendary career.

1930: Bradman's average of 113.66 in test matches earned him the title "The Don" and created a record that still stands.

Bradman's impeccable technique, focus, and dedication made him a run-scoring machine. He averaged 99.94 in test cricket.

His memorable performances against England in the Ashes series solidified his reputation as one of the greatest sportsmen in history.

World War II interrupted Bradman's career, but he returned with remarkable innings, proving his skills were undiminished.

Bradman's influence extended beyond stats; he exemplified sportsmanship, inspiring generations of cricketers worldwide.

In 1948, Bradman bid adieu to cricket with an emotional last test match, leaving a legacy that's etched in cricket history.

Donald Bradman's impact endures, his records remain unbroken, and his spirit continues to inspire the world of cricket.